What Shapes You?

 What Designs You? Composition

Desiree Rielly

Mentor Guy Pollio

5 Dec 2012

English 101

What Shapes You?

Often times, we rely on the earth to we all live in to shape us. From mass media, to journals to ads, we constantly find themselves seeking a good alternative instead of what we already have. How society designs us grows each and every one of us because we could persuaded by such adverts. Robert Scholes of " On Studying A Video Text”, and Shirley Jackson of " The Lottery”, display appropriate examples of the world all of us live in today. Robert Scholes proves how distorted and misconceiving persons construe the world through the " Lottery”, showing his concept of cultural encouragement.

In " The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, the tiny town of 300 people consists of a extremely active community, which is very routinely. The youngsters go off to school, the moms are the major caregivers of their homes and the fathers will be the workingmen. From this town, everybody enjoys the tradition of picking a identity out of any raggedy, outdated box for a name. However , what is and so strange regarding the town can be they put together a " lottery”, which is when everyone in the community selects who is to be stoned to fatality. As anything they discover as regular, to them it is an ethical and traditional event. Coming from a reader's point of view, you can say to themselves, " are you kidding me personally? ” or perhaps " how can they all acknowledge that this is ethical? ”. Robert Scholes explains the villager's standpoint through ethnic reinforcement. " By cultural reinforcement, Come on, man the process by which video text messaging confirm viewers in their ideological positions and reassure them as to their particular membership in a collective ethnic body” (620). Robert Scholes cultural strengthening could be thought as how a person develops all their morals and beliefs through the social world. For example , the Budweiser commercial in " On Browsing a Video Text”, reinforcement is definitely shown through the myth of America we are known for. Even though the myth of America being we...