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Texts frequently portray conflicting perspectives of personalities, situations and circumstances in order to impact the response of the target audience. These views are shown through a number of techniques, plus the composer usually favors a single perspective above the other in order to represent their underlying communication or goal within a textual content. Wag the Dog, a political satire, aimed by Craig Levinson, is definitely one such textual content. Levinson portrays conflicting views of the personality of the Leader throughout the film, ultimately influencing the audience in questioning the morality of their own leaders. In the same way, the documented, Bowling intended for Columbine constructed by Eileen Moore explores conflicting perspective of PERSONA in order to PORTRAYAL PURPOSE. One more issue explored in Wag the Dog is definitely the Albanian battle. Levinson utilizes conflicting perspectives of this circumstance in order to suggest that the power to control a country control from the press rather than through the government. This really is mirrored by ISSUE/SITUATION/EVENT since it is portrayed in Bowling intended for Columbine in order to PURPOSE. Therefore, it is crystal clear that the portrayal process of text messages influences reactions to those text messaging. Levinson uses conflicting viewpoints of the Leader in Wag the Dog to be able to influence the audience's responses. One perspective of the Leader, displayed periodically, is that he's an effective leader in a time of crisis. This perspective is shown through the symbolism in the prop in the phone. Ames is frequently demonstrated as coupled to the phone and through this, the President controls Brean and Motss. This is revealed clearly from the manufacturing room if the President effectively obtains a white kitten for the Albanian young lady to hold. Ames, holding the device, is proven from a decreased angle standing up over Motss, physically representing the President's power. In stark distinction to this, the alternate point of view of the Leader as a week puppet figurehead is shown when...