Unseen Children: Film Analysis

 Essay on Invisible Children: Film Evaluation



The film, Undetectable Children, is around three small American guys who go the Sudan to record a hidden holocaust that most people are unaware of. This hidden holocaust is fronted by a gentleman named Frederick Kony. Paul Kony may be the leader in the LRA which in turn stands for Lord's Resistance Army. Kony has been kidnapping kids and turning them in to child troops for many years. Joseph Kony as well as the LRA have got abducted above 50, 500 children in the ages of 5 to 12. Because of fear, kids leave their homes during the night and commute to community to sleep under the verandas of hospitals. These kinds of three young men identified a tragedy and an event that improved their lives, as well as various who have seen their video clip, forever. They travel first to Kenya where that they met a woman named Mother Sapora. This kind of woman got opened up an orphanage containing over hundred children. A large number of children are orphans due to a AIDS outbreak that got the lives of their parents. After Kenya, they traveled to their destination of Northern Uganda. The infrastructure and faces viewed on the documentary are kinds to not become forgotten. This kind of film communicates non-verbally to viewers in several ways. The moments of the children who are so skinny via lack of foodstuff that they appear like bones and a container belly is definitely disheartening. This captures the heart in a really sad and weak moment. When the kids travel to town to hide through the LRA, they stock stack into a space where it could be flooded with water and they would sleeping. The children put their overall health at risk as a result of fear from the LRA. It is beyond distressing when the documentary shows how many kids sleep in one spot plus the conditions of exactly where they are. The youngsters do not have to speak for one to see the struggle and war they are fighting every day just to stay alive. A life like that is not one intended for a child. The family structure is different with this film than most people consider a family. Almost all of...