Fashion Statement

 Fashion Statement Essay

Fashion statement

" It's a new era in fashion - you will discover no rules. It's exactly about the individual and private style, using high-end, low-end, classic brands, and up-and-coming designers altogether. " — Alexander McQueen

Like the quote by Alexander McQueen, this new era, the 21 th century, you will discover no guidelines within vogue. Basically it is extremely hard conveying a certain design that pinpoints the fashion through this era. Rather than having the designers and the fashion brands selecting what to use and not to put on, itВґs at this point more regarding individuality and personal style, the regular person, the everyday life person, the posh person, the very fashionable person, and the trendy hipster, itВґs this kind of personalities that are trend, affects trend, what is to get designed in whatВґs not, and decides what trend is. This is exactly was vogue is for myself, it's regarding individuality and personal style. I prefer the huge variation of styles, to be able to choose, the top variation, rather than to be decided to wear a particular style, although we get impacted by others if we like it or not. In this new era is actually more commonly approved to mix different ones, from diverse decades, used clothes with an increase of luxurious kinds. This is what trend is. I actually don't like being into styles too much, because this can make you turning out to be just another person within the mass. Then trend becomes such as a uniform, a uniform that everyone has on, which I don't believe it should be just like. If you have this far, after that fashion own you, instead of you using fashion. I do believe you should be the one to choose, not vice versa. Even though this Now i'm very in trends, if I want to will or if it is something unconsciously. It's very hard not being impacted by fashion, by certain models and by other people and what is trendy, if you like that or not. If you're the one to choose, you can decide everything you are, by making use of a certain design, what you want to convey by the way you dress as well as the...