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Background in the Study

The Philippine National Railways (Filipino:  Pambansang Daangbakal ng Pilipinas), or PNR, is usually a state-owned railway company in the Philippines, functioning a single distinctive line of track on Luzon. As of 2010, it works one commuter rail service in Metro Manila and a second in the Bicol Location. PNR renewed its intercity service to the Bicol region in 2011. The Bicol Express runs each and every day between Manila and Naga.[3]

PNR began operations upon June 26, 1875 because the Ferrocarril para Manila-Dagupan, through the Spanish colonial period, sometime later it was becoming the Manila Railroad Company (MRR) during the American colonial period. It became the Philippine Countrywide Railways in June 20, 1946 due to Republic Take action No . 4156. The PNR is an agency of the Department of Transport and Communications.

PNR used to run over 479 km (298 mi) of route from La Union up to Bicol. Yet , continued forget in earlier decades lowered PNR's efficiency and train coverage. Continual problems with casual settlers inside the 1990s led further to PNR's december In 2006, Typhoons Milenyo and Reming caused severe damage to the network, resulting in the suspension in the Manila-Bicol services.

In 2007 the Philippine government initiated a rehabilitation task aiming to take away informal settlers from the PNR right-of-way, revitalize commuter services in Local area Manila, and restore the Manila-Bicol path as well as shed services in Northern Luzon. In July 2009, PNR unveiled a new corporate identity and inaugurated new rolling stock.

On Summer 25, 1875, under a royal decree issued by King Alfonso XII of Spain, the necessary Inspector of Public Works of the Filipino Islands was requested to transmit a train system prepare for Luzon. The plan, which was posted five weeks later by simply Don Eduardo Lopez Navarro, was entitled Memoria Sobre el Plan General para Ferrocarriles sobre ela Isla para Luzón, and was rapidly approved. A concession pertaining to the construction of your railway range from Manila to Dagupan was approved to Wear Edmundo Sykes of the Ferrocarril de Manila-Dagupan on June one particular, 1887.

The Ferrocarril de Manila-Dagupan which constitutes most of the North Main Line today, began development in Come july 1st 1887 with the laying with the cornerstone for Tutuban station. The railway was 195 kilometers long during the time of its opening on Nov 24, 1892, running coming from Manila to Dagupan City in Pangasinan.

The maiden trip of the Bicol Express was on Sept 13, 1931. The monitor from Dagupan to Legaspi was completely connected on, may 8, 38.

Later the Ferrocarril sobre Manila-Dagupan started to be the Manila Railway Firm.  It was nationalized as well as its assets were acquired by Philippine govt, which extended the rail network, only to have most of those improvements lost during World War II.


Of the one particular, 140 route-kilometers before the warfare, only 452 route-kilometers had been operational after it. The extensive injury to the system took several years to fix. During the 1954s the Manila Rail Business fleet of train locomotives was converted from steam to diesel search engines. The Manila Rail Company was given a brand new charter under Republic Act Number 4156, as well as the company changed its name to Philippine Nationwide Railways.

Natural disasters such as the 1973 and 75 floods interrupted services and forced the seal of a number of parts of the key lines. Upon July 23, 1979, Leader Ferdinand Marcos issued Executive Order No . 546, which chosen the Filipino National Railways as a great attached agency of the Department of Travel and Marketing communications. In 1988, throughout the administration of Corazon Aquino, the North Primary Line was closed, with trains not able to reach different provinces in the nation. Even the Southern Rail was also closed due to typhoons and floods, and the eruption of Mayon Volcano in 1993, in which ash runs and lava destroyed the rail range and its services. However , jeeps,...