The Study of Hopi Indians

 The Study of Hopi Indians Essay

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Your Geography assignment is due on the 10th April in the lecture (if you are later in submitting the assignment you will be penalised).

1) NO SOFT CLONES, only hard copies, done in Times Fresh Roman typeface, 12 level and double spaced will be considered.

2) Length must be approximately 1300-1500 words (excluding your bibliography and citations)

3) Due on 10/ April/ 2012 in class.

Please be aware that you should form standard modes of citation.




To access the Hopi Indian Website:

1) Go to

2) Click on English

3) Click on Assets

4) Select Supawlavi Village, Hopi Country

5) You can find a number of matters there such as

a)Supawlavi Village, Hopi Region Resources

Hopi Nation Site

Official internet site of the Hopi Nation provides information on countries, customs, govt, tourism, and even more.

b)Hopi Cultural Preservation Office

Homepage of this indigenous outreach software offers details about Hopi tradition, arts and crafts, and...

c) Tutuveni

Newspapers of the Hopi Nation html

and even more....

Go through the complete website. The purpose of this studying is to convey a Hopi sense of place as an important system interesting myth and legend, dental tradition, place names, ethnic practices, and society's interconnection with the environment. The Hopi sense of place is definitely distinct and different from our feeling. Your process is to hold the Hopi approach as a specific human-environment program. Use the initially two works as a tips for write a social geography of Hopi Terrain.

You have time to use any kind of website/ book/ article/ encyclopedia you want to as a source for your composition. The sites My spouse and i provided are just a guide