The Picture of Dorian Grey

 The Picture of Dorian Greyish Essay


Title of Book: The style of Dorian Gray

Writer: Oscar Schwule

Main Character types: Dorian Grey, Basil Hallward, Lord Henry Wotton

Exactly what is the story regarding?


There was a handsome and young man in whose name is usually Dorian Gray. His picture were colored by Basil Hallward. The moment Dorian observed the picture, having been thrilled and he desired that he could stay always since young while his envision in the photo. His wished was achived. The picture started to be old rather than him. Using the living self-centered.


Years passed nevertheless Dorian slept same as fresh in the photo. He fell in love � with actress Sibyl Vane due to her magnificence and behaving ability. He broke up with her, hurtin her cruelly. And this individual realised his picture modify, it confirmed cruelly in the face. This individual decided to question Sibyl that did the girl married with him but she experienced already slain herself.


Basil was shocked because Dorian's apperant not caring to Sibyl's death. Tulsi wanted to discover picture yet he declined that. He told Tulsi thar photo had transformed and had a life of its own. And than he decided to conceal to the photo in the private locked room. So nobody would watch it once again and discover his secret.


After years Dorian asked to Basil and they argued about his life. Tulsi heard that he had a terrible life. Than Dorian decided to show the photo to Basil. When Tulsi saw the style, he was amazed. Dorian believed hatred to get Basil and killed him.

Dorian planned to be a good person. Dorian and Lord Henry contended about that. Lord said that persons couldn't alter. Dorian wished to start a fresh life therefore he demolished his picture.

What happens ultimately?


When he ruined his photo, a terrible intimidating was noticed around the house. The authorities arrived to death body they observed an old and ugly guy like the photo. And the picture changed like Basil's colored.