The best Original Recipe

 The One and Only First Recipe Research Paper

Madusha Nanayakkara

April 16, 13


The One and Only Unique Recipe

There were many qualities that Colonel Sanders had that set him apart from other entrepreneurs; two that was standing out to myself was his originality and determination to make a successful business. Coming from a poor upbringing, having been building himself from the bottom up, which is how many powerful businessmen start.

During the time all males and females aspired to find some form of organization that would bring them wealth, and Colonel Sanders knew the struggle quality. Since the loss of life of his father, he was responsible for taking good care of his relatives. He required on a various jobs, like a farmer, train fireman, and insurance sales person until he started cooking chicken and providing it. For many of his life he previously to struggle to make a living, at the age of sixty-five he had very little cash and a secret menu for his chicken, but was determined to generate something out of it. During the time, where Colonel Sanders was expanding his popular recipe while using 11 seasonings, he was offering people his chicken in a restaurant, which will he known as Sander's Café. However due to new interstate highway seventy five, his business slowed down substantially which signaled his subsequent move. Colonel Sanders was not threatened by the poor business of his café, this individual just recognized he had to overcome the problem and the option was to sell off, and commit his time to franchising his chicken.

While using money he had left his determination paid back, with the creation of the Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise, that has been a huge strike across the country, and finally the world. A businessman ought to look up to Colonel Sanders as a role version; he changed many obstacles and never gave up until he reached the aim of owning a good establishment. Dedication can take somebody farther than they at any time expected to be, and deliver great success. If Colonel Sanders did not have the dedication to make his chicken promote, there would not be a KFC...