The Lion and the Jewel Essay

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п»їDaniela Con January 14, 2015 E3-15

The Male Dominant Image

In the play The Lion plus the Jewel, Soyinka expresses his opinions regarding society through his character types, as many creators do within their writing. One of the characters, Baroka, frequently seeks to take more wives in spite of his age and themes his current wives to humiliating responsibilities such as plucking his armpit hairs and tickling his feet as a way of showing his electricity over them. Through the portrayal of Baroka and the attitudes of other characters inside the play, Soyinka explores the concept a man needs to show prominence over females to be considered a man simply by society.

Inspite of his age and already having a bigger number of spouses, Baroka is still seeking to take another partner, specifically a one. This is most likely because he wants to exert the image that he is still desirable fantastic sexual capability has not been lessened with age group. It is very important for Baroka to take care of this picture, and this is why he can still persistent to take Sidi as a better half, even following she obviously refuses repeatedly. Image is essential to Baroka, and his existing image have been tainted by the photograph of him with a latrine. Sidi, however , is definitely young and has got the image of the most wonderful woman in the village because of the pictures of her inside the magazine. Bakora believes that making the most amazing woman in the village his wife is the perfect method to elevate his image. When he is influencing her, he tells her " the truth of this, aged wine grows best in a new bottle. ” (p. 1185) The old wine beverages is a metaphor for him self and the fresh bottle is definitely Sidi. He seeks the new bottle to boost himself. He will probably not stand to be seen since less than a female, to have his position as being a man and a leader decreased. This is why in the end, he resorts to physical force to get Sidi to marry him when ever all else falls flat. By tradition, she is...