"the Hand That Signed the Paper” Research

 the Palm That Agreed upon the Paper Analysis

" The Hand That Fixed the Paper” consists of several stanzas that harshly mock the cool and unfriendliness present of politics and conflict. I believe this composition is about war, revealing the speakers outrage for politics leaders total. The poet makes audience feel as though the hands that signed the conventional paper is useless or despicable. These overpowering figures within the composition seem to be important and arrogant for adding themselves within a powerful, existence or loss of life situation. The first stanza is informing the audience which a simple putting your signature on of this record sets off a tragic and irreversible final result. " Twice the globe of dead and halved a rustic; These five kings did a california king to death” (Stanza one particular, Line3-4) is referring to your decision to perform the ruler and to a country splitting up inside the processes. The 2nd stanza mocks the " mighty hand” (Stanza 2, Line 5) that is in charge of these bad outcomes by making use of descriptive words, such as, " sloping shoulder” (Stanza two, Line 5). Also, the poet is usually telling the group that the guy in the composition has arthritis when he says, " The finger joint parts are crammed with chalk; ” (Stanza 2, Line 6). This information I actually find to get useless for the meaning in the poem, nevertheless the presenter says, " A goose's quill provides put an end to murder” I believe he can giving away what the documentation in fact is, a tranquility treaty. Inside the third stanza, the poet informs the group that the peacefulness treaty has not solved anything; times are exceedingly awful. With good motives, the man fixed the tranquility treaty to solve the struggling brought on by warfare, but rather it has induced more destruction. ”And starvation grew, and locusts came” (Stanza three or more, Line 10) is showing the readers the country has a extreme volume of people suffering of being hungry and disease. The last stanza compassionately informs the reader that politicians take action very inhumane. Politicians want to think of themselves as Our god, maintaining absolute control over who are to live and who also are to be ruined....