Technology and Communication

 Technology and Communication Article

Communication technology is a necessity for individual interaction. It plays an essential role in getting and distributing information. Irrespective of time and border, technology will help provide information for your decision making process. Interaction technology is important in the individual civilization process. At the end on this topic you have to be able to describe the importance of communication technology, define interaction technology, describe its effect and impact, explain its influence about education, business and economic system, government, contemporary society and globalization. You should also have the ability to explain the utilization of technology in interpersonal interaction.

Definition of interaction technology

Rogers (1991) describes communication technology as " the equipment, the structure associated with an organization and the social beliefs that have been knowledgeable by individuals when collecting, processing and exchanging details with other people. ”

Zeuschener (1997) specifies information technology since " a body of tools, machines, materials, techniques and procedures used in human interaction for sending and receiving messages. ”

Marcell (2000) defines technology as a " complex and heterogeneous set of goods, program and companies used for creating, distributing, processing and transforming information. ”

Akhtar, Kumar and Gregson (2000) declare " information and communication technology include satellite transmissions networks, tv sets, video, digital radio, net, extranets, wifi communication gadgets, as cell phones etc . ” All these play an important role in attaching the people on the planet and allowing an effective connection process.

Stages of progress communication technology

Writing phase

Printing stage

Telecommunication stage (telegraph, mobile phone, radio, TV)

Interactive period (interactive technology like the computer).

Competencies in communication technology

As owners of interaction technology we must be totally...