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1 . Professional Summary

2 . Situation Examination

Market Summary

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Product Offerings


several. Marketing Strategy


Target markets


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Executive summary

AF1 is a seo company specializing in advertising of sleeping bags. Our company is preparing to launch a low cost lightweight and foldable sleeping carrier in a expanding market. We are able to effectively take on the existing sleeping bags of the international and domestic brands because the product presents a unique mix of high-end features and efficiency at an extremely competitive cost. We are focusing on specific sections in the consumer markets, leveraging upon the growing involvement in the customized sleeping luggage at affordable prices. There are many marketing focus that are essential to ensure an effective penetration into the market. The first priority is to build awareness of its brand inside the adventure full segments. This will likely be achieved through getting started with various experience clubs, advertising and marketing in their flagship events through hiring nationwide champions in adventure sporting activities as brand ambassadors. Secondly, continuing to supply superior products and service to make a positive personal buzz among the players inside the industry.

The primary marketing goal is to achieve a first season volume of truck units, around 1 % of the predicted market size of the sleeping bags in India. The main financial goals are to attain first-year product sales revenue of 18. seventy five lakh, and break even right at the end of the first year by itself.

Situation Analysis:

AF1 can be described as relatively new startup in the experience gear sector and is planning to enter the growing market of sleeping hand bags. The favorable demography with more plus more people looking for activities like camping / Hiking is likely to make industry growing at 20% per annum. The latest estimated market size of sleeping bag in India various from six-hundred to seven hundred crores. Within a market currently with international competitors just like Quechua and domestic competitors such as Wildcraft, AF1 must carefully target specific sectors with appreciated features to find market share and keep the brand momentum heading.

Sleeping luggage

Sleeping hand bags Quantity

Sleeping bags Value


Around 2 . five lakh nos.

Rs twenty crore around.

The market as well is changing. In the last couple of years brands just like La Fuma, Millet, Quechua (from Decathlon, which has set up a BUSINESS-ON-BUSINESS facility in India), Berghaus, Petzl, Beal, Camelbak, CAMP, Cassin, Ordinary Empire, Boll, Evolv, Nordico, HEAD, Coleman, Coghlan's and Hi-Tec, have grown to be available in India, albeit in small quantities, not to mention standard fixtures such as Victorinox. Truly big outdoor brands, such as the North Face, even though represented through its using company's regional footprint, are yet to. Market Summary:

AF1's marketplace consists of consumers who are mainly adventure seekers, who prefer to carry a conveyable and foldable sleeping tote during their experience trip which can be of superior quality and

delivers adequate protection against adverse temperature. Specific sectors being targeted during the 1st year consist of Adventure seeking young adults, professionals who centered on adventure sporting activities, people by Tier1 and Tier2 cities who look for adventure outings as a leisure activity.

Targeted Segment

Youngsters ( Beginners)

Customer Will need

Convenient to carry


Protection from unfavorable

climatic conditions

Tier1 and Tier2 Cities


Corresponding Feature/Benefit

These clients are...