Smoke Signals

 Smoke Alerts Essay

Mr. bieber Whaley

Dr . Dreyer


20 January 2013

Smoke Signals

My own aunt Sharon was of my favorite family members. We were near say the least. As the tears leaped down my face, by her funeral, I started to see the signals. They were signals of the results that long term smoking may have on ones' body system. Now, I am aware what you're thinking, although she did not pass away coming from lung cancer. Long term utilization of smoking cigarette can attended with many health hazards, other than chest cancer. These types of risks may have an serious target within the body or perhaps be wide spectrum. COPD, cardiovascular disease and other types of cancer are just a few of these types of risks. We now have all read somebody coughing like they're coughing up a lung. We all say the coughing is coming from smoking and we're appropriate, but is actually not the smoke causing the coughing. The coughing is normally by COPD. COPD is an acronym to get Chronic(long term) Obstructive(blockage) Pulmonary(of the lungs) Disease. Cigarette smoking is considered the most popular cause of COPD and makes up about over 80% of all these diagnosed with COPD, and 90% of COPD related deaths ( Since damaged as well as destroyed chest tissue is a part of COPD, a person is fewer efficient obtaining oxygen for the body. Symptoms often incorporate shortness of breath, wheezing and excessive coughing. Yet wait, the lungs aren't the only certain area that is certainly affected by smoking cigarettes. Cardiovascular Disease is another serious risk factor associated with smoking. Heart problems is the medical term pertaining to heart disease. Cardiovascular Disease covers a summary of more specific conditions that all apply to the heart and blood vessels, and on this kind of list can be Atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a disease in which plaque builds up inside the arteries. Ultimately the plaque hardens and narrows ones' arteries, hence limiting blood flow throughout the human body and making that person's heart job harder than the usual healthy person to achieve the same result. The added stress for the heart may cause heart attack and...

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