Essay about Seminar

February almost 8, 2013

Joon Soo Ryan

Technology Engineer

TurboNet Exhibit

Two Pine Avenue

Very long Beach, CA 90802

Special Ms. Green:

Our company is enthusiastic about hosting an educational seminar this spring- one that can focus on conference the growing need for info industry pros to keep abreast of emerging fresh technologies. Developments in technology are nothing in short supply of astonishing! This coming year, we would like to focus on models and procedures just to save power in the workplace.

I am aware that Turbonet Express focuses primarily on these seminars and that you likewise help businesses analyze their demands and choose an appropriate remedy. I i am in the process of contacting several companies similar to yours that might be enthusiastic about conducting these types of seminars. In case you will get in touch by Thursday or Friday, we can talk about this further. We appreciate the excellent service we now have always received from you during the past, and I look forward to hearing from you very soon.


Kathleen Franco

Technology Specialist


May twenty-five, 2013

Ms. Laura Green

Account Exec

TurboNet Share

Two Pine Avenue

Lengthy Beach, FLORIDA 90802

Special Ms. Green:

Thank you so much pertaining to hosting the academic seminar previous Tuesday that focused on the topic of high-speed Internet connections. Our company and our staff are now well prepared to make a decision about the best type of Internet connection for their particular needs.

Because this seminar was so powerful, I have been official to contract with TurboNet Express for the continuing number of seminars on any issues related to rising new technology and trends as they apply at the requires of our business and our employees. Let me call you on Wednesday so that we could arrange for a gathering to finalize some contractual issues.

Yet again, thank you for an extremely successful and productive workshop!


Kathleen Franco

I . t Specialist