SDBECOS Assignment two

 SDBECOS Project 2 Dissertation

1 . Advantages of the project approach

1 . 1Group projects improve individualization- the between students can be accommodated by stimulating them to consider responsibility to get a section they have interest in or perhaps for which they have the capabilities. 1 . 2The projects let learners the freedom to investigate, search for information and screen self-expression, creative imagination and intellectual abilities. 1 ) 3 Group projects offer opportunities intended for learners to work cooperatively with other students in a staff and grow their social and communication abilities. 1 . 4Learners are provided opportunities to investigate and solve practical business-related problems. 1 ) 5Learners are more likely to identify with knowledge that they have helped to collect(Mahaye in Jacobs at 's 2002: 231-232) Disadvantages in the project approach

1 . 1A project does not contribute to the achievement of learning outcome can lead to a squander of beneficial time. 1 . 2A project that is unachievable due to poor planning and definition could possibly be detrimental to learners' self idea and motivation.

2 . Requirements for successful planning in teaching Organization Studies •The teachers must have a good understanding of their subject matter. •They ought to formulate clear aims of outcomes so that they themselves and their learners understand exactly where they are going. •They needs to be familiar with the many approaches in corporate Studies plus the sequence when the material ought to be presented and after that select the most meaningful procedure and pattern. •Be familiar and work with teaching strategies that promotes effective participative learning. •Be aware of what teaching media are available and know when ever and how to make use of them. •Be in a position to asses learning, to maintain a higher standard and to use analysis to improve the quality of their instructing.

3. The critical results

•Identify and solve challenges in which replies show that responsible decisions have been produced using essential and creative work....