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Divergent & Convergent

Sample Forced Associations

This is a good idea generating technique that shows up in many catalogs about creative thinking and creative thinking or innovation tools. First Step choose a thing totally unrelated to the trouble or obstacle You or your group are working on. Second Step List everything you or your group know about it. (Who? What? Once? Where? Why? How? … physical, image, tactile, …all senses, great and bad) Third Step List everything you or the group learn about your problem or challenge. (WWWWWH…and using all of the senses) Fourth Step Have items/details/aspects from your first list and PRESSURE FIT them to features Or perhaps details in the second list. Your goal is always to see if the characteristics from The randomly chosen, unrelated thing/animal sets off ideas for improving, Changing, repairing features of the situation. A traditional example or start off for doing this consists of… 1st. Question the person or perhaps group to write down everything they will know about a canary (or a bird in their country. 2nd. Ask the person or perhaps group to write everything they know about the chair they are sitting in. third. Then I keep these things combine (FORCE FIT or perhaps make a FORCED Relationship) one item from the canary list with all the chair's list with the goal to improve, transform, correct the chair style or to make ideas for creating the ultimate seat.



Divergent Considering Tool

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Feathers-Soft + chair is hard = make seat smooth Yellow + chair is usually ship greyish = put color

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Idea Grids

First Step With this Cre8ng Tool we 1st generate doze to twenty four ideas through Brainstorming or any other technique. Second Step Then bring a grid made up of several vertical and horizontal Cells as you have got ideas. Third Step Incorporate the ideas on the top to bottom side with the grid While using ideas within the horizontal side one by one and write them into the distinct boxes in which the two concepts meet.. 6 ideas may then produce thirty six ideas, doze can produce 24, 100 -- 10, 000 Fourth Stage Read over the ideas you have produced and select the best To work on to turn them in to HOT SOLUTIONS to use.

Sample Idea 1 . 2 . a few. 4. a few. Idea 2

Ideas 1 . 2 . a few. 4. five.


Idea 4

sama dengan

Vertical two = associated with chair out of solid wood Horizontal some = make the color unpredictable, uncertain, changing Ideas may possibly be…. cover, removable film or pores and skin

Divergent Considering Tool

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S. C. A. Meters. P. Electronic. R.


S. C. A. Meters. P. Electronic. R. is a type of TIPS. A CHECKLLIST is a ready list of words and phrases, verbs, queries that you can use that could spark fresh ideas, swap out your thinking or your viewpoint or even you mood as well as the direction your thinking at this time and take you in to many directions. S. C. A. M. P. E. R. was created by Greg Eberle, teacher/educational consultant inside the 1970 t to teach the concept of CHECKLISTING to school children through a memory system (acronym) that they could easily remember whenever they needed to generate new suggestions or bear in mind existing or perhaps past suggestions. It is used as the foundation for Michael jordan Michalko's exceptional Creative Thinking Equipment book…THINKERTOYS. First Step Write out the term S. C. A. Meters. P. Electronic. R. vertically on a document or on a flip chart/chalkboard or additional surface which the group can see. Second Stage Write out the particular 7 characters stand for. Third Step Then simply use each one of the 7 by asking inquiries using these verbs to improve/change/revise the challenge or perhaps problem to create potential concepts and solutions. Fourth Step Read over the ideas you could have produced and choose the best To work on to show them into HOT SOLUTIONS to use.


S. sama dengan substitute C. = combine A. sama dengan adapt, take up M. sama dengan minify, amplify P. = put to other uses E. = eradicate R....