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Mahmood Akbar & Salt in Pepper

Sodium n Self defense is a junk food and friends and family restaurant string owned simply by Mr. Mahmood Akbar. Primarily it was a one branch restaurant, the brainchild of Mr. Mahmood which includes eventually converted into a very huge successful corporation. Mr. Mahmood, a content graduate in economics coming from Punjab School, when began with the cafe business currently had the required exposure as he had built up four a lot of practical resort management experience and a Bachelor's level in the same field via U. T. A. In the late 70s, he signed up with the Hilton Hotel Lahore, as foodstuff and refreshment manager in which he was even more exposed to the practical area of business management.

In 1983 Mister. Mahmood opened up a fast food restaurant, " Burger 11” in partnership with a couple of friends. The experience did not work out well therefore after quitting he designed a new business Food Consults (pvt) Limited in March of 1983 with the next objectives intended for his business:

1 . To provide high quality and variety of meals at a great place in reasonable costs. 2 . To accomplish greater revenue as compared to that of the competition. 3. To supply consultancy services to the people inside the hotel and restaurant sector.

Mr. Mahmood opened up the first cafe, " Salt n Pepper” on Mall Road in 1983 keeping in mind that the people working in that area experienced serious targeted traffic and gas price issues when going home for lunchtime. The existing eating places and accommodations in that place were possibly too treat or too modest, thus there was a dire need of such a restaurant. After the accomplishment of the first branch Mister. Mahmood opened up the second branch in 1985 in Freedom Market, Lahore.

By this time Salt n Pepper had currently made it is presence experienced in the food business. Years later Mr. Mahmood became available a cafe " Village” keeping in mind that Punjabis are food caring people. The décor with the place, the menu plus the concept of personal serving, most complimented the name. It had been to be a quick success. Mister. Mahmood...