King Henry Viii

 King Holly Viii Dissertation


* during the rule of Full Henry VIII English society followed Tudor Sumptuary laws, these were regulations which marked a person's sociable status by legally specifying what they can wear, what they could eat, and even what type of furniture they would have in their homes. * It can be believed which the changing character of transact, religion and society under King Henry VIII's regulation led to a growing need for this kind of regulations to keep the interpersonal balance intact and to work out greater control of the people and the the aristocracy. The laws also resolved the problem of people living over their means and eliminated class differences from becoming blurred. * If these types of laws were broken the punishment was, the items will be confiscated and a fine would be issued.


5. The interpersonal system in Tudor Britain was based upon a pecking order supposedly structured on God; not to abide by this kind of class program was considered as sinful. * The structure started with the king and queen at the pinnacle, then the nobility, then the gentry, then the merchants, then the reduced class employees followed by the vagrants and beggars. * The the aristocracy consisted of the dukes, earls and paladin. The the aristocracy would be asked to muster up soldires in times of war. * The gentry contained the Yeoman or farmers.

* The church was also very powerful in Tudor times till King Henry VIII pennyless away from the O Roman Catholic Church.


* There was many different types of execution and torture through the Tudor age such as Clinging, beheading, losing, being ‘pressed', boiled with your life, whipping, personalisation with warm irons, the pillory and many other. * Dangling was enforced upon those convicted of murder and manslaughter as well as other severe offences. * Beheading was the abuse enacted in offenders from the nobility. * Burning in the stake was your punishment suited for heretics, it had been meant to symbolize the fire that anticipated the sinner in hell....