Concerns on the Video, Four Corners: Global Dimming

 Questions for the Video, 4 Corners: Global Dimming Composition

Inquiries to answer via video 4 Corners: Global Dimming

• How does the film commence?

The film starts by talking about the green home effect plus the natural catastrophes and also the terrorist attacks aftermath.

• Who was Gerald Stanhill?

– What was his profession?

– How come was he measuring photo voltaic radiation in the year 1950s? – In which country performed he have his measurements?

– What did this individual find twenty years later?

– Did any person believe him?

He is a English zugezogener, a trained biologist.

-Gerry got a job helping to design irrigation schemes. His activity was to measure how highly the sun shone over Israel. -Because there is a staggering 22% drop in the sunlight, and this really impressed him. A 22% drop in solar power was merely massive. Whether it was authentic surely Israelis should be abnormally cold. There had to be something wrong. -In Israel

-He found that there was a very serious decrease in sunlight, the amount of sunlight in Israel. -No.

• Who was the German scientist who have collaborated with Stanhill? Beate Liepert

– What did she get in the Bavarian Alps?

She found that there was decrease in sunlight.

– What did the girl and Stanhill find if they checked data from 1950 to 1990? Between the 1954s and the early 1990s the level of solar energy achieving the earth's area had lowered 9% in Antarctica, 10% in the USA, simply by almost 30% in The ussr. And by 16% in parts in the British Isles. What sort of information did they check?

They may have checked the publication, journal and meteorological records all around the world.

– For what reason was their work again dismissed?

The scientific community was obviously not really ready to handle the fact that there was a Global Dimming phenomena the response from other experts was among sheer shock. and the analysis was serious and immeasureable dollors was spent on around the world research and so they...