Pros and Cons of Multi-Source Performance Appraisal

 Pros and Cons of Multi-Source Overall performance Appraisal Dissertation



In an corporation employees are definitely the important advantage and play a significant role in the improvement of an firm. Nowadays organizations usually concentrate on the human capital in the form of employees by giving all of them training, helping them in career development and also focus on performance administration in order to keep employees motivated and dedicated by giving them reviews through functionality appraisals. Through these overall performance appraisals the employees are educated about their strong points that they can enhance and about their very own weaknesses that they may improve in the foreseeable future.

Multi-source overall performance appraisal or 360-degree analysis is basically a process in which the feedback is gathered from differing people that interacts with employee like his administrators, coworkers, bosses, can be stakeholders etc . It is an important tool for Hrm as the feedback is usually collected throughout the questionnaires when the employees happen to be asked to rate the particular employee in his performance and behavior. The main goal is to offer a healthy responses to the employee that can emphasize his strong and faults and also can be useful for the development as well as the training of the employee. The feedback that may be collected from different people is discussed between your manager plus the particular staff. In this efficiency appraisal approach the identification of a individual that is filling up the survey form is definitely not shared with that particular worker. It also gives an impression towards the employee that what other persons think of him as in traditional appraisal technique only the boss of particular employee gives the feedback about his functionality but now due to involvement of individuals from distinct departments and different levels make the assessment fewer subjective and might be more exact and genuine. If a single person says something about the employee in that case their may be chances of biasness but if a large number of people says the same thing minus the affect of someone then we can say that their could be something wrong or something very good about that particular person. As nothing is perfect in this world, which means that there are a few pros and cons of 360 degree evaluation approach.

This daily news highlights the benefits and disadvantages of multi-source performance appraisal and in addition mentions a lot of recommendation you can use while applying this overall performance appraisal approach. The main importance is given around the pros and cons on this method which can help the organization to choose whether to carry on with the classic appraisal technique or to go with 360-degree analysis method.


The multi-source functionality appraisal technique plays a vital role for employees. It makes the staff to think about their very own attitude and behavior and about others belief about them. In addition, it identifies areas in which a particular employee performed well and in addition where he could not come up towards the expectations. There are countless advantages and disadvantages of multi-source functionality appraisal that are as follows:

Advantages of Multi-Source Performance Evaluation Method:

The benefit of this method is that it provides reviews from different levels of firm and it is certainly not restricted to manager or the administrator as in the traditional performance appraisal method, since shown inside the Appendix-I. With this method automobile is the centre of focus of all the people and the absolute goal of this method is to make the performance of that worker better than ahead of as shown in Appendix-II. Due to the utilization of rating coming from different people, fish hunter 360 degree evaluation method improves the quality of the performance techniques and gives a detailed view. This process is useful for the supervisor as it may provide even more authentic analysis of the performance of the staff and can aid to eradicate the likelihood of biasness because of which that...