Prepare B: Urgent Contraceptives

 Plan W: Emergency Contraceptives Essay

Ashley Peterson, 9-27-11

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Essay two

What's Your Plan M?

In the United States, half of all pregnancy are unexpected. This is where urgent contraceptives enter play. Given the green light by the Food and Drug Operations, the Plan M pill can be used as a back-up plan following unprotected sexual intercourse or birth control failure. Based on the Plan W One-Step website, taking the pill in the first 72 hours this tablet in fifth 89 percent effective on protecting against the feeding of an egg. However , currently taking Plan N in the initial 24 hours has the highest efficiency. The Plan N pill comes over-the-counter and there's no health professional prescribed needed for women or men over the age of seventeen. It's because on this over-the-counter availability that some individuals are concerned. There's a debate going on whether or not the Strategy B pill should be over-the-counter or a pharmaceutical drug. It is often an issue in the FDA for over five years now but still the discord goes on. Privately for pharmaceutical Plan W, researchers concentrate on birth control requiring a pharmaceutical and the security of self-administration. On the side to get over-the-counter position, researchers concentrate on condoms not needing a prescription and seeking support from pharmacists instead of doctors.

Addressing the side for prescription utilization is Doctor Christopher Gacek and Moira Gaul in the Family Exploration Council. Inside their article " Plan N: A Serious Threat to Women's Health” published in August of 06\, Gacek states, " Contraception pills, that happen to be essentially a lesser dose strategy of Plan B, takes a prescription” (Gacek 1). He later procedes say contraception pills need an appointment which has a licensed doctor to determine contraindications, obtain a health professional prescribed, and they need to provide medical oversight throughout the usage amount of the contraceptive. Birth control is available only for medical factors because they can cause significant or deadly conditions including blood clots and cardiovascular attacks. All their...

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