personal affirmation

 personal assertion Essay


Hello, my name is Ahmad Aufa Trash can Sharip, and i also am making an application for the Khazanah Global Grant Programme. In this document and hopefully lovely composition of words, I actually present to you titbits of myself.

Growing in a happy family with seven bros, six boys and a girl, I idolise my father when he managed to foster us to implement great values in our life. As one of the kids, I endure with the responsibility to strive for the academic good and make the most of my education. And I think so happy as I manage to score 15 a's in my trials exam and deliver an ecstatic moment to my father.

I take interest in the current going-ons of the world's economy condition. I partake in news on the world economical disaster, the apprehension of fiscal cliff in United State of America and exactly how did they will manage to sit together and discussed in locating the remedy of the economic phenomenal. I realize of Malaysia's economy liked robust, household led development in 2012. The growth is also anticipated to continue by simply 5% this year. With all these facts, I think that acquiring Economics is a nice intelligent approach, especially currently taking it in high-level.

Socially, I give myself as the person with information, but likewise the person with the loudest voice within a group. This is seen in the way i assume leadership positions in lots of societies throughout the secondary school. Appointed since the Deputy of Head Boy, this was the moderate where I developed my leadership skills in myself. Being rebuked by a number of the teachers, learners and even my own, personal friends, this kind of somehow enthusiastic me to become a better leader. That was your turning point in which I did start to determine to expand my leadership ability to a higher level.

We also consider me personally as a socially-capable student. Having to successfully spearhead the ice-breaker in any organizations, and the capability to have a cheerful conversation with virtually any stranger on the street, I occasionally confuse my friends. " How could he talk like that? ” would be their question as I walked up to...