Alternative Learning System

 Alternative Learning System Composition


Studies show increasingly more00 school age group Filipinos which can be out of school. A huge percentage of Filipino children and youth older 6 to 17 years are not attending school. The Department of Education (DepEd) estimated that, in 2003, there were a total of five. 18 million out-of-school children (1. 84 million out-of-school children older 6 to 11 years of age, and a few. 94 million young people older 12 to 15) near your vicinity. Further, around 17 , 000, 000 Filipinos about 20% from the population haven’t finished the is standard education requirements. Based from the National Stats Office is most recent data, the city offers, approximately, 1, 022, 431 residents therefore, 33% of these were not actually graduate of secondary education. These characters entail the city has a estimated quantity of 338, 503 illiterate residents. As illustrated in the doing well chart (2003 Functional Literacy, Education and Mass Media Survey), parents refer to these leading reasons why their children do not enroll in schools: *working or trying to find work (mostly males) -- 30%

2. lack interest in going to school - 22%

*high expense of education - 20% (n. b. basic education near your vicinity is free of charge; as such, cost would incorporate personal transportation fare, food allowance, garments, expenses to get materials, tasks, etc . ) While the Office of Education seeks to bring these the younger generation back to the formal education system, research shows that the existing full-time education model getting used by traditional education devices does not work for people out-of-school children. THE ALTERNATIVE LEARNING SYSTEM

Reacting to this, the Bureau of different Learning Approach to the Section of Education (DepEd-BALS) have been mandated due to Executive Order No . 356 (September 13, 2004), " to protect and promote the proper of all citizen to top quality basic education and to encourage the right of most citizens to quality fundamental education and such education accessible to all by giving...