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This section presents the setting of the research, statement in the problem, purpose of the Study, goals of the examine, research inquiries, scope from the study and the significant of the study.

Qualifications of the research

Customer care was defined simply by Kotler (1998) as a service that one can offer to another which can be essentially intangible and does not result in the ownership of anything but may result in customer delight and satisfaction. In other words, customer support is a support that tries to acquire new customers, provide remarkable customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty. As times change techniques customers treatment aspects. The hospitality market is the one which is constantly going through change and because of this, the consumer care services programme should be kept regularly updated too.

Customer care solutions in organization include trustworthy services, reliability, parking space, front desk services, appeal, speed operating delivery, post sales services, customer attention and sensitivity with their needs, credibility, and good attitude toward customers. Customer service services are focused on making the customer comfortable, creating memorable connection in the minds of the purchasers and which makes them feel better, happy than they were before the deal and induce customer retention. The objective of any kind of business is always to create and serve buyers, but the biggest challenge is usually how to satisfy them to get the life time of a business. Businesses should always seek out ways to provide their customers much more than they expect. In doing so , it helps these to know you care and it will leave them with all the feel " Feel Good Factor”.

Customer care plays an important part in an organization's ability to generate profits and income therefore customer care should be included as part of a general approach to methodical improvement. A buyer service knowledge can change the whole perception a client has from the organization. Customer service includes placing systems in place to maximize consumers' satisfaction while using business. It should be a prime consideration for every organization because profits depend on keeping customer completely happy. Customer care is far more directly important in some roles than other folks, for receptionist, sales personnel and other employees in buyer facing jobs, customer care can be a core element of their work description and training a core qualifying criterion when you are recruiting.

A huge range of elements can play a role in customer satisfaction nevertheless customers, customers

and other business are likely to consider the following:

вћў How very well your service matches to customer demands

вћў How well you keep the customers informed

вћў The professionalism, friendliness and expertise of your personnel

вћў The after sales services you present.

For client satisfaction, it is necessary to set up and maintain certain important attributes like quality, fair rates, good buyer handling abilities, efficient delivery and severe consideration of customer issues.

The best way to locate whether consumers are satisfied is to correctly .. What you request the customers is very important and how once and how frequently you ask these types of questions is additionally important. However , the most important factor about executing a customer fulfillment survey is exactly what you do using their answers.

Purpose of the study

The research is targeted at establishing the relationship between customer support and client. Satisfaction in the hotel sector.

Objectives from the study

(I) To examine customer service strategies employed by Oberoi Group. (II) To establish the customer proper care service level at Oberoi Group. (III) To examine the relationship between customer support services and customer satisfaction

Highlighted Concepts

(I) what are the consumer care tactics used by Oberoi Group? (II) What is the degree of customer care level at Oberoi Group? (III) What is the relationship between customer support...

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