My Favorite Term

 Essay about My Favorite Expression

п»їWhat is usually your favorite word, and so why?

My favorite expression is callipygian. It is a Ancient greek word, originally derived in the 1640's or 50's to spell out a arrete of Aphrodite. It is an qualificative. It means having a well-shaped buttocks. It's essentially a more advanced way of stating " REALLY, look at that ba-donk-a-donk! ” After reading that, you may think We am a perverted dog. Please, allow me to explain. It started once i was a jr . in high school. My friend arrived rushing down the halls laughing, his head hung loaded with the air, and he reached me saying " Michael, you look very callipygian today” and started laughing just like a hyena once again. I assume I actually looked baffled because that's how I felt. " How much does callipygian suggest? ” I asked. He whispered in my hearing the answer and i also couldn't support but chuckle myself. I have normally regarded myself older than my personal counterparts but that word's sound and it is meaning appeared so far via each other, that merited fun. My friend, after regaining his composure, told me the story of his day time. How he had been approaching random girls and telling them that they looked somewhat callipygian. Generally, he got confused appears. But there was occasions if the girls would smile and laugh and say thanks. My spouse and i assumed that they didn't know the dimensions of the meaning from the word and were just laughing with the fact that some random person might compliment all of them. They probably thought it was a word similar to dashing[a]: jaunty; smart; chic; romantic; gallant. After my good friend left, We went on with the rest of my personal day as usual. During reference period, My spouse and i met plan my friends and that we went to the library, the usual hangout. While i was doing each of our usual rounds of talking about Pokémon and debating which Star Travel captain was superior (It's Kirk), the lady I appreciated walked in. My friends, being the exceedingly mood getting rid of beasts they may be, pushed myself towards her. I knocked into her and made her drop her books on the ground. I immediately picked them up for her and apologized. She jeered it away. We in some way got into a conversation regarding...