Mutya Philippines

 Mutya Philippines Essay

Ang Sistema ni Propesor Tuko national insurance Al Santos

The Philippines is constantly struggling to get survival. Really sad to say that in our region, corruption can be rampant, crimes are out of control, population boosts every year, and poverty incessantly pulls down not just area but likewise the Filipino people. Indeed, our nation is up against a lot of problems and issues that affect the lives of many Filipinos. Furthermore, probably the most controversial quandaries is the poor quality of education, which is also the root of all concerns in the contemporary society. Filipinos not just blame the government for this but they also blame many other Filipinos as a result, submerging our country in deep mud. Truth be told, Filipinos always discover faults in others however they don't find their own. A thought to wonder; change must start with your self. Just like what Leo Tolstoy once explained, " everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself”. The enjoy, Mutya, has its own similarities together with the authoritarian Marcos regime. Many references were created to the social flaws that were present in the 1980s. The would be the way the Professor Tuko's teaching program was not showing to be effective for the students and students clamored for modify. The students realized that what Teacher Tuko educated them was unchanging and irrelevant with their modern society and that the lessons being shown to these people were precisely the same as those that were taught to their older siblings. This unchanging schedule made the scholars think low of the system just like throughout the latter years of Marcos' regulation. He as well took cash from the student's parents, supposedly for the school, but was used for his personal purposes. This can be related to the corruption that was present during the Marcos era. The students saw these kinds of flaws and insisted for a change in the program and Teacher Tuko responded with the statement of Martial Law. The folks who dared speak (i. e. Kiko) were quietened and any form of defiance was met with...