Motivation Ib

 Motivation Ib Essay

Dear Friend / Madam,

I are writing to you to apply for their education Programme in International Organization, in which We am specifically interested. My personal aim is to work in a worldwide field linked to business. I really would like to gain a more deeply theoretical knowledge in worldwide business. I really believe ………………………………. College or university with an international business degree is a good place to obtain my profession objectives.

I have successfully completed Second School Certificate Examination last season. After completion of my Bigger Secondary Qualification Examination in 2011 I are currently continuous my Bachelors of Business Administration within a renowned college or university in Bangladesh namely Cookware University Bangladesh. During learning the course I came to realize that such a course in an international context and European grounds education with bilingual or multicultural activities is most helpful to become a business professional as I acquired a sound understanding and effectively done 70 academic credit rating from my first year in my current university. My own long term goal is to turn into an entrepreneur or perhaps expert to boost the business jewelry between Europe and Asia, especially between the Germany and Bangladesh. With my worldwide and multicultural background I am able to see items from stage of look at. I have experienced the differences and similarities between Western and Asian civilizations and I would want to improve one of the important things running a business between these two continents. I am hoping to be able to discuss my view with other international students and I hope to learn a lot from their store as well. In the business market there is so much competition that increasing internationalization of businesses is requiring its workers to have a global business point of view and an awareness of the global markets by which they job. International organization usually takes put in place more diverse exterior environments than found locally and functioning modes used for...