Mission, Eyesight, and Desired goals

 Mission, Perspective, and Desired goals Essay

Ashlei Redding

MGMT 1020

Professor Baumanis

16 April 2012

Mission, Vision, Goals

Everyone is place on earth for the specific explanation. We all possess our own routes that we must follow and desired goals that we have collection. Some people may have just goals like to " receive rich”, and others may have got specific desired goals like " to be the primary executor of _____ firm. ” My own mission anytime is to be satisfied with the way my entire life turned out. Yes, I would love to have a lot of money also to be noted, but exactly what is the point of obtaining all of that the moment I'm unhappy that I contain it? Most people blunder being grateful for delight. Wrong! Lots of the rich and famous will be grateful so that they have, but is not all are happy with it. Regardless of how my life turns out, I just want to be happy. Whether I actually am a homeless woman living in a shelter, or a successful entrepreneur moving into a million dollar home, Im seeking to be happy!!

Five-ten years coming from now, I see myself working on my garments line and generating a good amount of sales. I realize myself receiving talked about in certain of the best fashion magazines saying I i am one of the best successful plus sizes fashion designers around. During this time period I hope to possess a high going website to get my line, and that Excellent huge amount of shoppers that get my items. I would also love to have in least one- two fashion boutiques totally designed and fully staffed. Being a designer is my own main profession goal. I really do not observe myself getting anything but a designer.

Fifteen-twenty years from now, I see me personally being in runway reveals showing off all of my fabulous designs. I see luxurious garments stores all over the map with my own brand name a logo for the front. My personal stores will be fabulous and glamorous just like Gucci, Suppose, Coach, and Juicy Premium. My garments will be very graceful and formal. Celebrities, both small and plus sizes will be showing off my styles to the Grammy's, Oscars, VMA's, and more....