Mice and Males

 Mice and Men Essay

Of Mice and Men Socratic Seminar

Query: Was George justified in killing Lennie?

1 . What does the pro side believe? So why?

Certainly, George was justified in killing Lennie because in the event that George has not been the one that slain Lennie then your other men who were hunting Lennie may have killed him in a raw way for eradicating Curley's better half. 2 . What really does the con aspect believe? Why?

No, George was not justified in eradicating Lennie since even though Lennie killed Curley's wife, Lennie should have recently been prosecuted like any other man instead of being shot at the back of the head. a few. What is an option for a competent side to think? Why?

Is actually hard to make the decision which aspect to choose since in a way George was validated to kill Lennie mainly because Lennie would kill Curley's wife and the way it turned out done it had been violent in such a way, but he also had not been justified because he didn't have the right to choose if Lennie deserved to live or expire. 4. What is the opinion?

My estimation is that George did the proper thing by choosing to get rid of Lennie. The reason to for what reason I say that is because Support for your position:

1 ) Write down several open concluded questions (questions that require more than a yes or no response) you believe are important to consider prior to coming to a conclusion. 1)If you had been in George's position, what would you did to Lennie? 2)Why do you think George was your one to wish to capture Lennie? 3)Why do you think George lied regarding the weapon?

4)Why do you consider George murdered Lennie rather than running aside with him again? 2 . Write down four pieces of evidence or reasons that support your position 1)" I can continue to tend the rabbits, George? I did not mean simply no harm, George. ” - Lennie 2)" Well, My spouse and i never noticed one man take so much trouble another guy. I simply like to really know what your curiosity is. ” – The Boss 3)" I got you to look after myself, and you received me to maintain you, and that's why. ”- Lennie 4)" Not any, Lennie. I ain't mad. I never been upset, an' I ain't now. That's a point I want ya to...