Manal Al-Sharif

 Essay about Manal Al-Sharif

It is a image of liberty. Just something special in being within the open street, there is comforting sensation with the engine. The feel of control. All young adults have the similar dream of being able to get their certificate and having that feeling of self-reliance. Here in America we are blessed to have the chance to get each of our license, particularly the women in this country. In Saudi Arabia they may be not so fortunate. Women's rights are a huge issue in Arab saudi; there are a lot of things that women happen to be banned from doing. They can leave their very own neighborhoods; they can not play athletics or even employ public transportation. But Saudi Arabia is the only nation in the world that prohibits women from driving (Wikipedia). Frequently used excuses for not allowing ladies to drive will be 1 . it involves unveiling the face 2 . it may business lead women to go out of the house more frequently 3. it may lead women to have connection with non-mahram males, one example is at targeted traffic accidents 5. it would be the first step in an chafing of classic values, just like gender segregation. Although there is simply no law against it was declared " forbidden” (Wikipedia) Simply recently the women from Arab saudi have started to take a stand. An educational woman once said, " The rainwater begins using a single drop. ” (Brainyquotes). Her brand is Manal al-Sharif. She started an underground civil-disobedience movement to encouraged girls to drive with one simple actions. In springtime 2011 she tried a thing most women have been afraid to ever perform, drive. At the end of May 2011, Al-Sharif forced her car in Khobar. The video was posted to YouTube and Facebook. In the video, al-Sharif stated, " This is a volunteer campaign to help the

women of this nation [learn to drive]. At least for times during the emergency, Goodness forbid. What happens if whoever is usually driving all of them gets a heart attack? " (Wikipedia). The religious authorities captured her on May twenty-one. By May possibly 25th the video already had 600, 500 views. Though Manal al-Sharif was held in imprisonment, she experienced started a...

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