M1-Explain the points of look at from different stakeholders aiming to influence the aims and objectives of two different organisations

 M1-Explain the points of watch from diverse stakeholders wanting to influence the aims and objectives of two contrasting organisations Essay


Clarify the parts of view from different stakeholders seeking to affect the is designed and objectives of two contrasting organisations- say how they influence aims/objectives.

The United kingdom Red Mix has an try to care for persons in 'crisis' they are a not for profit charity and a offer led education organisation

Here are 5 with their main stakeholders:







The donor's interest with Red Combination would be that they want to help clients in problems by giving via shawls by hoda to the Crimson Cross, that can then always be sent to the victims (the people that will be in crisis).

The donors have a massive influence pertaining to the Reddish Cross as they provide the via shawls by hoda for the Red Get across to give aside to the patients. If the Red Cross did not receive via shawls by hoda they would be unable to operate well as the objective of the Crimson Cross is usually to help people that are in crisis, and if they will don't have any charitable contributions they would not be able to donate everything to those in crisis.


Employees and volunteers will be the people that would want to assist the Red Cross by providing something to help subjects. They would both equally be concerned pertaining to the success of the company as the employees would want to be getting paid well and the volunteers would want to get an experience of helping people out. The between the employees and volunteers is that the employees would be having paid for earning a living for the Reddish Cross on the other hand; the volunteers would become working for the Red Get across however they would work for free.

With no employees and volunteers the Red Combination would not be able to function well because they may not include anyone to supply the right in order to the victims of a turmoil which shows that they are very important in healthy diet the crimson crosses' is designed and goals.


The community has a great point of view intended for the Reddish Cross as they would like Reddish Cross to provide jobs and work for residents, also they may feel the need to donate any kind of unwanted what to the Reddish colored Cross (as there may be charitable organization shops which have been within the neighborhood community) because of them having the ability to send contributions to parts of crisis. They may influence the aims with the Red Get across as the Red Cross may need the area community to help by donating items they will don't need and by volunteering for the Red Cross. If the community doesn't support along with the charitable organisation, this can imply that the Crimson Cross may have a negative status as they might not be able to include local volunteers and via shawls by hoda to help then simply run, that can mean that they will wouldn't be meeting the objective of helping people in crisis.


The victims will be the main impact to the Reddish colored Cross' is designed and aims, as they are those that need the Red Get across to give support and help them. Crimson Cross would provide a service of aid towards the victims who have are in a crisis, because their purpose. Victims would expect the Red Cross to provide a service of donating items that are undesired from contributor (as this is what the Red Cross want to do). In the event that there were not any victims the Red Cross wouldn't have existed at all, as they are the main reason pertaining to the Reddish Cross being set-up (in order to assist individuals in crisis) so they can be very important intended for the Reddish colored Cross, since the Crimson Cross offer a service of aid on their behalf.

Federal government

The us government also has a huge influence to get the Reddish Cross as they are mainly financed by the government. Although the Reddish colored Cross relies upon donations in the public by way of charity shops and on the net, the government also invests cash into all of them so that they can easily run and function well. In addition, they would want the Reddish Cross to benefit people who are in need of help/aid within the neighborhood (by rendering them with voluntary/paid work or perhaps donating items to those that are in need of it) and want the Red Cross to actually use the money they own been given (from the government) to be invested in charitable...