The losing of my Best Friend

 The loss of my Best Friend Essay

Dog Days

May 2003-September 2012

Wedsnesday evening right while i was about to fall asleep my Mom comes in my room which has a terrified look on her face. At that moment That i knew that some thing was terribly wrong. " Alexis, we all can't discover Oreo anywhere". Once your woman said that We tried thinking when the last time I had seen him. All I realize now is that hes missing. My complete family started the search, " Oreo! Oreo! ", we referred to as. But still simply no sign of him. Once we started to walk our road calling call him by his name, we did find a police car next towards the house after ours. My friend and Daddy decided to inquire the police officer why he was there of course, if he could help us get Oreo. Then we find out that there is a contact to the police officer saying that a driver might of struck an animal on the road right subsequent to ours. " What does your dog appear to be? Has this kind of ever happened before? ", asked the officer. As painful when it was to answer the questions my Mom answered that. I had started crying so hard that it began to hurt, That i knew that it had been Oreo who had gotten hit by the car. My parents dispatched me home and when I obtained home We called Courtney to tell her about the situation with Oreo since I know the lady loves Oreo as much as I actually do. At that point We start to put together myself intended for the worst scenario that Oreo was never will be back home. By 10pm my siblings arrived home without new info. My Mom emerged home not so long after my personal siblings came up home with nothing to say to me besides " Go to sleep and I will say in the morning if we find anything". I was so exhausted that once my own face hit my cushion I sought out like a light. The next early morning when I received up to go to school almost all I could think about was Oreo and in which he could possibly be. My spouse and i went to school with a laugh on my confront hiding all of the bad feelings inside. Over the morning I had forgotten what had took place last night. In my second course on that day in the first a few minutes of class I managed to get dissmissed. In the beginning I had not been sure why I was getting dissmissed but it all came up...