Life in the uk vs . New England

 Life in England vs . New England Essay

" If you want to reach your goals you must end up being willing to pay the purchase price. Your choice of money should not be of paper funds and golden coins but yet that of blood vessels, sweat, and tears. ” As nice of value in the Americas throughout the late 1500s and early on 1600s began to develop in The european countries, European countries began to travel to and colonize the land in which they thought had superb potential. Existence in England and New England could be related and different in lots of ways like: endurance, work life, and show destiny. 1st, survival in britain life was a little difficult for those who are not in for least a middle or upper class. Throughout the 1600's, life in England was characterized by soiled streets, foul odors, and also population. This disorder was mirrored in most villages across Great britain, particularly London. People were not so rich and did not are in very good conditions. All their homes were made of real wood, and water had to be fetched from shoes. However , success in Fresh England could be a bit harsher. Less than half with the Pilgrim people that arrived at Plymouth Rock made it the 1st winter in American ground due to disease and starvation. Fewer than one hundred and fifty of the 700 Jamestown colonists' survived the first 3 years on American soil. That wasn't till both categories of displaced for people who live in cities learned in the Indians to grow hammer toe and other crops, starvation was a huge problem.

Secondly, Britain was still a large rural culture. The work your life mainly contained farming. The most common occupation was a " husbandman”, a small character, who would grow enough meals for him self and his relatives, and sell the rest. The farmer and his family would be partially or mainly self-sufficient. The farmer's better half would normally be in demand of the fowl and milk. She would as well make home items like soap, candles, and home remedies to get illnesses. Children would help you on the farmville farm as soon as we were holding old enough. Neighborhoods were less space-consuming than they are now, nevertheless were centers of transact and trade....