Leo Tolstoy

 Leo Tolstoy Essay

Christina Allen


English two

7 Feb . 2011


The short story of Anton Chekhov, Guy sobre Maupassant, and Leo Tolstoy's all talk about a common idea. In Anton Chekhov's " The Bet” a man away of his own avarice spends twelve to fifteen years within a cell by himself, with no connection with the outside world. In Guy de Maupassant's brief story " The Phony Gems, ” a man learns of his wife's infidelities, and becomes greedy together with the money that he obtains. Finally in " Just how much Land Will do a Man Want? ” by simply Leo Tolstoy a man passes away from his own greed. All of the next stories share a common theme of greed, a thing that no gentleman can resist.

" The Bet” is actually a story that forces one to understand how harmful greed can actually be. The storyplot starts off with a group of guys having a dinner party. The discussion of capital punishment versus imprisonment for lifetime is raised. The bank, who is the host, believes that capital punishment is definitely the morally right thing to do. He says. " I have certainly not tried both the loss of life penalty or perhaps imprisonment for life, but if one could judge backward, the fatality penalty is more moral and even more humane than imprisonment for lifetime. Capital consequence kills a man at once, nevertheless lifelong imprisonment kills him slowly. Which usually executioner may be the more gentle, he who kills you in a few minutes or this individual who drags the life away of you in the course of years? ” (Chekhov, 1). However at the meal is a legal professional who firmly disagrees with this affirmation. He goes on to say, " " The death phrase and the your life sentence are equally immoral, but if I had to choose between the death fees and imprisonment for life, I would personally certainly pick the second. To live anyhow is preferable to not at all. " (1). Once this is explained the company starts an argument and makes a bet with him and says, " " It's not true! I am going to bet the two of you millions you wouldn't remain in solitary confinement for five years. " (1) However the lawyer wished to seem like having been better, and so he raised the gamble to fifteen years in solitary...