Kyruss Big Data Stats

 Kyruss Big Data Stats Essay

Name| TEAM 8

Date| 2/5/2013

Circumstance 1| Netflix leading with data: The emergence of data- influenced video| Circumstance 2| Kyruus: Big data's Search for the killer iphone app

Information Technology Management Lessons Discovered

| Selection| Adoption| Exploitation

Function IT| | |

Network IT| | |

Organization IT| A) Kyruus: Big Data's search for Killer iphone app: Selection of THAT technology and targeting any of three diverse segments of healthcare market. Selection enjoyed a major position in selecting the monetary fate with the Kyruus as well as the industry which would go for it. In case of Corporate compliance adoption of recent Information system meant increased adherence to standards, while it was least risky and required a great input of 10 million USD, the marketplace for this venture was about 40 million CHF. On the other hand if Physician network and referral was targeted it could stop leakage of patient stopping losses of 1 million USD for each big hospital. Industry for this sector was modest 500 million USD when input was 18 mil USD. Last but not least, targeting Existence Sciences and Pharmaceutical sector meant an input of 40 million USD however the market was much larger than the previous two. All several sectors needed IT that may be classified primarily as Organization as it caused smoother working of businesses. But the second option of Medical professional network could be classified for example of Network IT and Enterprise IT both. The next option could possibly be classified as IT mix of Venture, Function and Network. It is because new IT could be employed by Research and Development sector (Function IT), Trials (Network IT) and Pharmaceutical retail sector (Enterprise IT). Lessons learned: A) So , in the end everything boils down to price benefit evaluation, Long term effects and choices for selecting IT technology. B) All alternatives to develop various IT applications must be investigated from the set of data. | Successful: For a great IT program to be well adopted, it ought to be...