Ryan Air Advertising Plan

 Ryan Surroundings Marketing Strategy Essay


What do persons think of Norwegian air?

Consumer Patterns


Date: October fifteenth 2012


Table of contents


The research design4

Sample description4

Method for interviewing4

Research structure4

Step 1 : Collect pictures5

Step 2: Interview method5

Step 3: Strategy map5

Step four: Combined principle map5

Step 5: Consensus map5

Step 6: Communication idea6

The mental maps7

Dutch general opinion mental map7

Romanian opinion mental map8

Combined consensus mental map9

Communication idea10

Olympic Games 201210

TV Commercials10

Nadia Comaneci on Romanian Traditions11

Marian Dragulescu upon Romanian Scenery11

Larisa Iordache on Dracula11

Camelia Potec on Romanian People11

Flags and banners11

Printed advertisement12

Conclusion and discussion13



Future research13





Interviews by Cristina Bataga15

Selection interviews by Jessica van jeder Hoeven17

Selection interviews by Ella van Leeuwen22

Interviews simply by Mehdia Shireen Talib27


With this kind of paper we will offer insights in company perceptions and attempt to produce a perceptual map for a certain brand. To decide on a brand just for this assignment we had a group conversation about which usually brand all of us thought can be interesting to judge and analyse. After taking into consideration several options, we made a decision that we wished a brand which is relevant at the moment, since this will make it less difficult for the participants to evaluate. After speaking about multiple brands we made a decision to choose Ryanair. In this job participants assess Ryanair through interviews and conceptual maps. We will first conduct a simple interview with the participants and we will let them draw an idea map afterwards. We is going to explain every thing in more detail in the pursuing chapters, however we will elaborate on the rand name Ryanair.

Ryanair is usually an airline found in 85 by the Thomas family and happens to be active in 28 countries. Over the past couple of years there has been a substantial growth inside the number of consumers, from 5 million over 10 years ago and twenty four million in 2004, to 75 , 000, 000 to date(Barret, 2004 and Ryanair. nl). Ryanair is well known for their low offers. The regular price of a flight with Ryanair was 38 euro's in 2005. The Guardian even offered an article last year, which mentioned that the lowest ticket price of Ryanair this summer was just 12 pounds. Ryanair includes a team of over 8500 people, which is actually suprisingly low for how much passengers that they transport every year. All these travellers are carried by one type of airplane, the Boeing 737-800. Ryanair it is strategy should be to offer the lowest price at all period on almost all routes and offer an inexpensive and convenient services (Ryanair. nl). To accomplish this approach, they maintain a certain business model. This business model is increase by 10 key points. The first stage is functioning from second airports. Extra airports happen to be (unknown) tiny airports which will arrange for low airport fees. The second point is the most affordable ticket price, which causes high amount of passengers. The third point can be standardized fleets of the Boeing 737-800, which gives them negotiating power while using suppliers. Furthermore, there are no meals on board, nothing is cost-free, low percentage for travel companies, Spartan hq and there is a single-class which usually all aids in saving costs. Lastly, you will find no unions and there are powerful incentives (Casadesus-Masanell and Ricart, 2010).

Specifically this strategy in combination with the business unit Ryanair uses, makes it interesting to review Ryanair. Performs this strategy actually work? Carry out customers really think Ryanair is definitely the cheapest Airline? Do customers really think Whizz air provides a convenient service? They are all questions all of us try to...

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