Jollibee Foods Corporation

 Jollibee Foods Corporation Dissertation




What possible administration and marketing strategies can Noli Tingzon produce to be able to serve both the foreign and local market segments of Jollibee Foods?



1 . Lots of competition between existing establishments including McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Rooster, Pizza Hut and Wendy's as to the top quality of foodstuff, service some menu different versions at a low price.

2 . McDonald's is famous for its finest locations/ sites.

3. McDonald's succeeded everywhere (globally) as they are very great at selecting the right partners.


1 . Tony Color Caktiong, Chief executive and CEO of the firm, wants to further expand his company abroad and provide the requires of his customers globally.

installment payments on your Tony Kitchner, a indigenous of Australia who put in 14 years in Pizza Huts Asia-Pacific local office, was hired for being the head in the International split created to build the expansion of Jollibee Foods in other countries. He were able to be successful in some aspects of the expansion yet later encountered difficulties.

3. Noli Tingzon, the newest head in the International Division who is tasked to make the required changes in the corporation which will be favorable to the customers and as well as the organization.


1 . The International Section created by Tony Kitchner had a superior image, which usually created a space between them and the local research and development group. They will wanted to carry out everything in different ways, so that in case their stores did well they will take every one of the credit.

2 . If the international persons tried to generate people through the Philippines, there was clearly some jealousy on a personal level since the people recruited were right away promoted together better settlement.

3. The relationship between the household managers and the International vice-president could not bargain on a lot of...