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Executive Summary3


History of Jollibee4

Administration structure of Jollibee4

Markets (countries and customer groups) served5

Consumers' segmentation and analysis6

Marketing objectives of Jollibee7

Advertising mixes of Jollibee8

Web marketing strategy of Jollibee10

Macro-environmental analysis11

Recent performance of Jollibee13

Market and industry analysis14

Competitive analysis15


Performs cited18

Appendix A – Survey Effects and Questionnaire19

Executive Overview

This record will talk about our group's analysis about Jollibee, a respected fast food business in the Korea.

For this survey, we have found for secondary data from the internet as well as principal data. We had conducted a quick online survey directed at teenagers in the Philippines. This is possible through the help of Filipino friend. The survey demonstrated that children are influential when it comes to parents' decision to buy junk food. Please consider Appendix A for more information regarding the effects and the sample questionnaire. The secondary data includes the financial statement of Jollibee and online articles.

This report concludes that Jollibee's differentiation strategy is the most determining factor for its success inside the Philippines. Jollibee differentiates its products to focus on Filipino's one of a kind taste buds using its sweeter meals and classic food. In addition to that, Jollibee as well differentiate itself through the one of a kind dining encounter it provides while using emphasis on family values and national pride. Despite its success, Jollibee is usually facing increasingly stiff competition from worldwide fast food restaurants such as Mc Donald's and KFC.

The recommendations are divided into two parts, based on the present industry and foreseeable future market. For the present industry, we suggest Jollibee to slice down at least maintain promoting cost since Jollibee is already very well-researched in the Phillipines. Furthermore, it takes to continuously innovate its products. For the future market, we suggest Jollibee to countries with unsaturated marketplace so that it will not likely face firm competition. In this section, Jollibee must concentrate more in advertising and promoting many create brand awareness.


This report will go over our group's analysis in Jollibee, a Filipino take out company. The analysis will incorporate its marketing strategies, mixes, and external makes. From our evaluation, we will even provide tips and suggestions for improvements.

History of Jollibee

The diagram listed below briefly summarizes important breakthrough in...