Essay about Lies

Miriam Vargas

Professor Helff

WRT 101-601

September 40, 2010

How Lies Influence The People Who Tell Them

Many ways lies may impact or perhaps affect the lives of the individuals that tell them are explained in " Many ways We Lie” written by Stephanie Ericsson in 50 Works. Ericsson covers the types of is and how that impacts anyone who explains to lies. For example Ericsson 3 Common Is situated Ericsson uses are The White-colored Lie, Disperse, and Omission.

Stephanie Ericsson on The Light Lie points out how a sergeant knows that certainly one of his military died in Vietnam and decided to record his enthusiast as missing so that the soldier's family could receive compensation instead of one lump sum involving (Only provided to Widows and Children). Even though Ericsson declares it was a good thing to do, the sergeant should not have done that because his family retained their desires of one day seeing the person again.

In Deflecting Ericsson talks about how your woman discovers how one can hide their very own true home by being blatant. Ericsson also says that by doing so people assume one is revealing almost everything and how costly effective approach. Ericsson's case in point is a perfect description that helps her level and permits the reader to understand what she actually is speaking about. For example , " Instead of defending himself, he got the offensive and falsely accused the country of racism”. Another kind of Deflecting Ericsson explains can be " a passive extreme person know, " Who can talk to somebody as unreasonable as you? ”. Ericsson says how by doing this the victim is the one that ends up embarrassed and ashamed. This method as your woman explains makes people forget the real issue. For this type Ericsson says that only the skilled deflector can make this happen. Although Ericsson supports her points and i also see her view I actually don't think it is right for one to do.

Stephanie Ericsson in omission the lady describes it as " telling a lot of the truth without one or two key points whose deficiency changes the storyplot completely”. To provide an example...