Promotional Signage – Using Directional Signs To Increase Sales

Promotional signage is one of the newest forms of promotion and perhaps one of the most influential. An effective, eye-catching sign can be the difference between an interested customer driving by your store to your car repair shop or just a passing curious individual. To assist you with the best results from your signage, here are 7 key promotional signage suggestions for car repair shops. These ideas have been proven to be incredibly effective for a number of different industries. Use them to promote your business today!


The first idea for promotional signage is to use it outdoors. It doesn’t matter what type of retail establishment you are in, whether it’s a service station, convenience store or other retail location, outdoor signage can help to draw in customers. Using sidewalk banners, simple vinyl signs or large outdoor signs can attract attention to your storefront. Many times this type of outdoor signage will be located along the sidewalk leading into your building. Car repair shops can utilize these great signs for advertising their business as well as featuring special deals and specials.


Car repair shops may want to consider using street banners or overhead signs. These types of promotional signage can be used to help advertise special deals and even announce upcoming events. These types of printed marketing strategy can be used on the grounds of your building or along major streets or alleys. Placing these signs along busy roads or intersections can help to draw interest to your storefront. These types of marketing strategy can also include the use of overhead signs on store buildings and even in grocery stores. Placing these types of retail signs in locations that are easily noticeable by passersby can create great results.


Another idea for using retail signage is to place directional signs within your establishment. Directional signs can provide your customers with a new way to find their way around your facility. Using directional signs in various locations around your business can help customers find their way from Point A to Point B, or from Point B to the front of your store. This can provide a great new way for customers to move around your business and possibly create new revenue opportunities.


Even in the early 20th century, sign boards were used to help provide directional guidance. Signage was often used to indicate which direction a street had to be taken to get a specific product or service. This method of providing sign boards was often effective and could work for any business in almost any industry. However, these early sign boards used an outdated method of recording information. This information was recorded on wooden phonetic spelling boards that were placed in various locations.


With the development of digital signage, you have the ability to take advantage of this early form of promotional signage. Digital signage is not similar to the wooden boards that many businesses used to use. Digital signage provides businesses with the ability to display digital images onto a large flat screen monitor that can be viewed from virtually anywhere. Because digital signage has no physical reference from the monitor to the sign or its location, it is capable of displaying any image or text. The use of directional signage is no longer limited to helping direct one to the right direction; it can also help increase sales by providing customers with numerous ways to find their way around your business. When you incorporate the use of digital signage with the promotions of your company, you will be able to maximize the promotional impact that you are providing to your customers.

Promotional Signage – Using Directional Signs To Increase Sales

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