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 Ice Cream Lab Essay

January 26, 2013

Ice Cream Lab


The objective of this test is to master and check out chemical and physical real estate of food, such as taste, texture and consistency while producing your favorite ice cream.


ВЅ cup pasteurized egg

a single cup of glucose

1 cup to whip cream

two cups fifty percent and 50 percent

1 tbsp mint draw out

ВЅ cup of chocolates chips

a single cup table sodium

1 handbag of ice cubes

1 whisk

1 calculating cup, a couple of cups size

1 huge bowl

1 medium pan

1 empty coffee may


In a medium bowl, whisk pasteurized egg. When ever thoroughly mixed, then put half and half, the whipping cream, sugar and mint extract. Mix carefully. In a huge bowl give a two " layer of ice, a layer of salt. Put the contents in the medium sized bowl in the coffee can and submerge the can in the ice. Complete sides equally with snow and the leftover salt. " spin " the caffeine can inside the ice. In 15 minutes you will be able to feel the mixture hardening around the sides with the can. In a single hour the whole mixture must be solidified enough for consumption.


It was second attempt for this lab. Each time I had formed two little helpers, aged 11 and 7 in the kitchen that helped measure, combine and build. This time we had a can easily with a lid so they were able to help more this kind of go around. Our mixture arrived up within the rim of the coffee can and when spinning, some of the mixture leaked away. The mix was consistently moving this time around in a steel can, that we think helped the abnormally cold process happen more quickly. Once more, in the end, the youngsters liked this but I think it thawed rather quickly once again. I applied sugar instead of honey on this occasion and enjoyed the flavor more. I did not remember to add the chocolate potato chips so all of us sprinkled all of them on top instead. Always a marked improvement for the next time. So , if we do this again, next time, Including the potato chips before spinning.


1 ) Saltwater is a homogeneous combination. A homogenous mixture is usually defined by our text message as a solution with homogeneous composition...