How Steinbeck portrays two characters whose dreams have been smashed.

 How Steinbeck portrays two characters whose dreams have already been crushed. Dissertation

п»ї Of Mice and Men is included with characters whose dreams had been crushed. Talk about how Steinbeck portrays a pair of them. Wednesday 4th December 2013

The novel is set in 1930s America, the years of the 1930s. Many people at the time experienced so many similar dreams, largely of having homes and households. These dreams were essential for people moving into the 1930s America, because many persons lost what they have because of the Great Depression in hopes of getting those ideas back. Curley's wife was one of the many persons in the account of who dreams they wanted to attain. Her desire was that the girl " coulda been in the movies” and lived an improved life. The phrase ‘coulda' demonstrates maybe the lady was trying to show herself, as well as Lennie, that your woman did really have a chance for becoming what she's often dreamed of, however , it could as well mean that the girl didn't have any other chances like that. I believe Steinbeck needed the reader to think that your woman was showing Lennie, that her one chance of becoming what she wanted got disappeared. Steinbeck wanted to show us how several, yet related dreams were in the thirties, because people actually just wanted to get a good way of life. The reader might believe that Curley's wife, is pretty a self-confident character, in thinking that her dream was to actually come true. People reading about Curley's wife today, will feel quite sorry for her, because of the deficiency of realism in her desire, however , people reading ‘Of Mice and Men' inside the 1930s will certainly feel as though that they understand her situation, and they may have felt slightly sympathetic, nevertheless , not as much as readers today. Curley's wife does not have any chance of her dream materializing, because dreams like hers, usually by no means come true. She gets chosen her life in a ranch, to be married to a man that she does not love, but I think that she is nonetheless trying to influence not only the readers, but very little mostly, that her fantasy can come the case.

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