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Henry VIII

was born in 28 Summer 1491 by Greenwich Structure as a third child and second boy of Holly VII and Elizabeth of York.  Not much is noted about his early life – save for his appointments – because he has not been expected to become king. In 1502, Arthur, his big brother, died in the age z 15, after 20 weeks od marital life to Catherine of Aragon, the most youthful surviving child of Ruler Ferdinand II Aragon and Queen Isabella I of Castile. Arthur's death thrust all his duties after his younger brother, the 10-years-old Henry. After a small debate, Holly became the new Duke of Cornwall in October 1502, and the new Prince z Wales and Earl of Chester in February 1503. Henry VII gave the boy handful of tasks. Young Henry was strictly closely watched and did not appear in general public. As a result, the young Henry would later on ascend the throne ''untrained in the exacting art of kingship''. Holly VII engeded his youner son with Artur's widow

Henry VII died upon 22 04 1509, as well as the young Holly succeeded him as full, adopting the regnal name of Holly VIII. � He married Chaterine of Aragon in June 10 1509 and in June twenty four they were crowned in Westminister Hall. Henriks first movements as a new ruler were showing away that his government differs from the rule of his father. Initially he taken off the taken off the leading figures in the authorities of Henry VII. Then on the worldwide plans did start to take a distinct policy of peaceful plan of his father. Holly thought of him self as soldier king. This individual entered into an alliance with a European countries against France, against which he was at war. He privately led trips against Portugal defeating the at the Challenge of the Spurs 1513th, however the war is usually finally deducted peace agreement 1514th year. He engaged England inside the then European political styles and incidents as essential, if not decisive, aspect. Wars, however , with its cost of production of the number of cannons new fortifications and created serious monetary problems. Trying to...