Hca 220 Medical Report

 Essay on Hca 220 Medical Report

Part 3 – Medical Record

Patient Term: Johnny Porter

Patient Hospital Number: 00000054545

Patient Time of Acces: 1/2/2012

Good Present Illness

Patient is 63 year old Photography equipment American/Black men. Patient was brought in urgent department. The person wife said he has been complaining of unusual abdomen pains. Based on the patients better half before bringing him into the emergency room having been vomiting blood.

Past Medical History

According to the better half he has a history of peptic ulcers disease. According to past medical records you will have history of past drug abuse. The patient wife

Physical Evaluation

The person is seated up in the bed complaining of stomach pain. The patient tummy looks to always be swollen. The patient skin about his middle area of the body is decolorized.

Diagnostic/Lab Effects

The individual was ingested in for quick blood work and x-rays. The patient heartrate pulse. Invisalign result revealed that patient offers cancerous tumors of the tummy which commenced in glands in the gastric mucosa. Cancer was developed as a result of chronic soreness from a helicobacterpylori contamination.


The patient known by the physician to undergo immediate surgery. The surgery is to remove the cancer tumors and part of the abdomen gastrectomy.

Two Questions intended for prospective hires

Might have cause the patent to develop cancer tumors from the stomach? Should a patient with ulcers always take acetylsalicylsaure medication products?


Chapter 4 – Medical Record

Individual Name: Carlon Wilson

Individual Hospital Amount: 44587987

Sufferer Date of Admission: 1/3/2010

History of Present Illness

The patient is a 45 year old Asian female. The patient was brought in through emergency mat. The patient is complaining of fever, weighty coughing and dizziness.

Past Medical History

In accordance to individual caregiver the...