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How to reference point

Harvard referring to for Waltham forest Institute college students

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How you can reference


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Students often say that lecturers offer conflicting suggestions on how to research assignments, and still have asked for better and more constant guidelines. Information explains using the Harvard (author/date) referencing style. This style is used by many courses and programmes in WIE, however, not all. Check the style utilized on each component from your Component Handbook, or perhaps Module Leader. While specific lecturers may possibly have their personal preferences for how Harvard sources should be organized (in the usage of underlining and italics pertaining to example), the rules in this report are acceptable to all academics in the Institution on themes that use the Harvard style.

Why guide?

When you publish academic assignments, you are expected to admit all the sources you have labeled, so your visitor knows in which the information you are using comes from. Hence, it is important that any statements you make in your work are supported by references for the materials you have read.

Very good referencing is important because it

• • • • reveals the sources you have used in your work permits other people to find the sources you could have used helps facts and claims you have made in your job avoids the accusation of plagiarism.

Does it matter what referring to system I prefer?

There are various referencing styles, and all are right. However most Schools and programmes within Oxford Brookes School, including most at Wc2 Institute of Education, use the Harvard (Author-date) system, and this is the program explained with this guide.

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Just how this guide functions 1 How to use sources in your writing

Acknowledgement Paraphrase Brief summary Quotation The right way to place recommendations in your text message Citing secondary sources Site 4 It looks carefully at the other ways you can label what you browse in your composing.

2 The right way to present your reference list

Sources or bibliography? How to reference a record article Tips on how to reference a book How to reference an internet source

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This section shows you how to write the references for your reference list towards the end of your assignment. You can see exactly how to write referrals for a journal article, an e book, and a web source.

3 Essential options and cases

Journal content references Book references A chapter within a book The same author features several magazines

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Here are versions for referencing some of the vital sources you may use in your work.

4 Some other sources you might want to employ

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Here are models for referencing some of the less frequently used options you may want to use in your work, just like lecture notes and films.

five Avoiding stealing articles

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If you adhere to our guidelines, you will not plagiarise by accident and you will be well in the direction of developing a good academic style. This section shows pitfalls to prevent.

6 Frequently asked questions

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Here you can find answers to inquiries students frequently ask. In case you have a question which usually this handbook does not solution, ask your module leader or system leader.

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How to reference


1 | How to use sources in your producing

This section sets out good practice in the way to use where you got the information in writing. It explains and gives examples of • Acknowledgement • Paraphrase • Summary • Quotation That shows • when it is helpful to use all these citation models • using each citation style plainly and accurately


You will probably find that an creator has gave you an overarching idea or perhaps structure to your...