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The AP Level Programme in Marketing Supervision

HHB 07/01/2015

Guidelines for the final project in the fourth semester of the AP Degree Programme in Marketing Supervision:

1 . Advantages

A final project concludes the AP Degree Programme in fact it is examined at the end of the 4th semester. Here i will discuss an introduction for the project including a description in the project, their purpose, items and demands for formalities.

2 . Goal

Through the last project trainees should develop his/her talents to analyse and examine complex organization problems, permitting him/her to build up well-founded approaches and ideas of action in production and support companies nationally and internationally. The task should normally be done in cooperation with the placement business and field research ought to be carried out regarding the the project.

3. Material

The final job must be based on central complications taught inside the subjects of the programme and it must coach the scholar's ability to incorporate knowledge through the various subject matter. The final task can elizabeth. g. include a preparation of a marketing prepare, communication strategy or a strategy. The student need to prepare his/her project depending on information gathered in Denmark and/or overseas. The general secret is that in connection with national market research a more thorough information gathering is predicted than in reference to international market research. The job must substantiate that the student is able to gather, process, examine and examine information and may combine this kind of with the theories and strategies taught in the programme themes. The project report must include the following elements:


designed title fly


title webpage


stand of items


set of figures and tables


foreword (not required)


introduction (background introduction, purpose, problem ingredients, delimitation, methodology including quality assesment and source criticism)


the project job


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The AP Degree Programme in Advertising Management




list of references




sortie (including the project description)

HHB 07/01/2015

in the purchase mentioned.

You should read the handed out " Rules for Planning Project Reports” for further information about the content and structure from the report.

A final project can be written singularly or in groups of about three college students. If several students write the project record together, it really is required that the author of each part/chapter of the statement can be discovered. This means that the student's inventeur must be crafted after every part/chapter in the table of contents.

four. Formulation with the topic of the final task and direction during the task course. The challenge formulation from the final project is formulated by the student in concert with the last supervisor and if possible which has a company initially of the 4th semester. The next deadlines make an application for the final job:

The student need to hand in a paper with subject to his/her supervisor which briefly describes the items of the final project and then for whom the project is usually written simply no later than Monday March 16th, 2015.

The student must hand in task management description for the supervisor simply no later than Monday, Drive 2nd, 2015. It is recommended that trainees ask his or her supervisor to approve the project information before the student starts writing the task.

The students are encouraged to contact all their supervisor frequently during the job course. The supervisor and the student separately agree on the specifics of their cooperation. The supervisor will/must supervise/counsel, however it is the scholar who writes the survey and thus trainees is entirely responsible for that.

Remember that the supervising through the project function will clarify any uncertainties, however it is about the student for making...