Bulla Your favorite ice cream Iyan

 Bulla Your favorite ice cream Iyan Essay

Bulla Dairy Foods

Item Specification

Ruido Vanilla Icecream

Product Term: Bulla Vanilla Ice Cream Item Code: Load up Size: a couple of Litre, four Litre, 5Litre

1050(2 litre), 1022(4 litre), 1011(5 litre)

Organoleptic Homes: Colour: Creamy white. Presence: Smooth, constant texture, totally free of ice crystals. Odour: New, clean, attribute odour, free of foreign or objectionable odors. Flavour: Fresh, clean, characteristic flavour, free from foreign or perhaps objectionable flavours. Extraneous Subject: Free from overseas matter.

Shelf Life: Transport: Standard Composition:

two years Frozen (At or Below -18В° C)

Serving size: 100mL scoop Avg quantity per 100mL (47g) serving Energy 385 Proteins 1 . two Fat, total 4. almost eight - saturated fat three or more. 1 Carbs 10. being unfaithful -sugars twelve. 4 Salt 31 Avg quantity per 100 g 819 installment payments on your 6 10. 2 6. 6 twenty three. 2 twenty-two. 1 sixty-five

kJ g g g g g mg

kJ g g g g g magnesium

Fresh whole milk, liquid sweets, fresh cream, milk solids non fat, maltodextrin (from maize), emulsifier (vegetable origin)(471), vanilla flavour, veggie gums (412, 407), shade (160b).

Microbiological Specifications:

Test Coliform Requirements Not more than 60 cfu/mL Only 50, 500 cfu/mL Check Method Aussie StandardFood microbiology- Examination for specific organismsColiforms and Electronic. coli (AS 5013. 4 - 2004) Australian StandardFood microbiology- Assessment for certain organismsStandard platter count (AS 1766. installment payments on your 1- 1991)

Standard Plate Count

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Griterio Dairy Food

Product Requirements

Bulla Vanilla Icecream

Substance and Physical Specifications:

Test out Phosphatase (pasteurisation test) Specs Not diagnosed Test Method Australian StandardMethods of substance and physical testing to get the dairy industry- Determination of phosphatase activity (AS 2300. 1 . 10-1988) Willpower by calibrated Milkoscan

Excess fat

Not less than 100g per Kg...