Green Biochemistry and biology in Cal

 Green Chemistry in California Essay


Green Chemistry in Cal:

A Framework for Command in

Chemicals Policy and Innovation

Michael jordan P. Pat

with Daniel A. Chia and Bryan C. Ehlers

Prepared for:

The A bunch of states Senate Environmental Quality Committee

The Washington dc Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Elements


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About the California Plan Research Middle and This Report The A bunch of states Policy Analysis Center (CPRC), a University of Washington dc program under the aegis with the Office with the President, can be applied the UC system's intensive research experience to analysis, development, and implementation of state insurance plan as well as national policy upon issues of statewide importance. CPRC provides technical assist with policymakers, commissions policyrelevant exploration, and disseminates research studies and recommendations through journals and particular briefings.

This report was prepared in answer to a January 2004 ask for technical assistance in the area of chemical compounds policy by California Express Senator Byron Sher, couch of the Senate Environmental Top quality Committee, and Assembly Member John Laird, chair from the Assembly Panel on Environmental Safety and Toxic Components. The ask for was caused by the committees' interest in a California chemicals policy that could address public and environmental health concerns whilst also building long-term potential in the design and style, production, and use of chemicals that are safer for humans and the environment. The committees were also interested in the implications for California of chemicals policy developments occurring inside the European Union.

The California Policy Research Centre, the Upper California Center for Work-related and Environmental Health, and the University of California Harmful Substances Analysis and Educating Program provided funding just for this report.

The views and recommendations expressed are those of the principal author and do not automatically represent the opinions of the sponsors or perhaps funders or perhaps the Regents from the University of California.

Regarding the Experts

Michael P. Wilson, the main author, is definitely an helper research scientist with the Northern California Middle for Work-related and Environmental Health (COEH), School of Public Health, UC Berkeley. The California Legislature established COEH in 1978 (AB 3414) to improve understanding of work-related and environmental health problems in California and work toward their resolution through research, teaching, and service. The Northern A bunch of states COEH contains researchers and practitioners at UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco, and UC Davis. Daniel A. Chia and Bryan C. Ehlers conducted analysis for the report as part of their graduate student studies in the Goldman Institution of Open public Policy by UC Berkeley.

About the Advisory Panel

A 13-member Advisory Committee (see next page) supplied technical oversight for the report. The full committee was convened 1 time. Committee members provided specific consultation towards the primary publisher and crafted comments in three breezes of the report. The survey, however , is definitely not a consensus document; last responsibility for the statement content is best left to the primary author, not with the committee, singularly or each.

The Admonitory Committee

David R. Balmes, MD, Professor, School of Medicine, UC Bay area Professor, Environmental Health Sciences, UC Berkeley

Carl Farreneheit. Cranor, PhD, Professor, Division of Beliefs, UC Riverside S. Katharine Hammond, PhD, Professor, Environmental Health Savoir School of Public Health, UC Berkeley

Bill E. Kastenberg, PhD, Professor,...

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