Clothing and Laundry Business

 Clothing and Laundry Organization Essay

Laundry business tips on how to do lesson 1 Risk Assessment just before launching of performance (Industry Overview) Promoting Structure: the present world economic climate is being impacted by high petrol prices and inflation. The office of Small , and Medium Businesses (OSMEP) has predicted the overall investments and solutions will be stable, however , the field to know the accommodations, restaurants, leasing assets, computer system services, application, educational solutions, health care providers, spa, and social solutions facilities, and also retailers and small flower nurseries. Thus, the SMEs sector needs to be sufficiently strong to adjust the problem that occurs in either confident or negative effects, both chance and menace of operation. In the same time, strategy and strategy must be appropriated by consisting with competitive advantage in term of cost decrease, value adding of product, and knowledge-based service. Industry Size: At present, buildings and condominiums are building up along the subway trains and local area, as well as hundred or so of services apartments which can be the favorite places of fresh working generation because of more convenient. Because of narrow of place and amazing, young working generation in that case tend to seek out more comfort, relaxing some more comfortable program. As the effect, laundry business is another choice that proper with this group of working people. The good salary is not difficult to think of in the event that good position, management, and service could be organized. Market Needs and Current Give you the important pattern of laundry business, during the year 2006-2007, around 348 laundry shops of nationwide registered themselves in Yellow Pages book. There were 130 shops positioned in Bangkok area, the customer's business lobby was 282 hotels or higher 56, 799 rooms (the information of June 3 years ago, Department of Interior). Wherever most new hotel features opened, however , they were small , and have thrown away to focus on laundry section but aimed at hiring use outsourcing for laundry support instead. Additionally , currently, structures and condos are building up along the subway trains and metro so it will be easier to remember that how much the marketplace of this business have and exactly how easy to do the marketing towards the target group. According to the comment

of Basic Manager of Electrolux (Thailand) Co., Limited on laundry business that " the hotel size in Asia, especially in the town, they will be more compact or around 85, 50, or 30th rooms in boutique style by adjacent of good ambiance. This is the stage of business opportunity for laundry business as well. ” Thawin Juanrommanee stated. It is addressing that the laundry business keeps growing quietly, specially in small size hotel market because they will consider laundry section is usually not necessary after that cover, bath towel, and pickup bed sheet will be sent to outsource laundry shop instead. Nevertheless , before starting laundry business, we could ignore the level of competition especially foreign competitor who also the government offers a chance to them to be 100 percent laundry company owner without any control and state. Further more, many people consider laundry business as easy business because it use significantly less investment, readily available a good site, less worker need, good income with fast repayment period that just 1-2 years, and it can always be extra job for anyone. Also many advantages are considered but is not enough, whom running this kind of business with out experience and good supervision is viewed as " going to expire soon operation”— it means in which can start the business enterprise but will close soon or perhaps sloppily business and/or certainly not professional since know the way to scrub the cloth is insufficient. They must down to the details of the specialist way and must have enough experience to perform confidentially. First, the application that most people use can't turn into a real professional for cleaning because it is hard work. Just have money is usually not enough in this job, work with someone to carry out can't make this business survive. Real interested person is proper for this...