Friedman Family Asse

 Friedman Friends and family Asse Composition

Friedman Family Analysis

Brenda Hanson


March 4, 2015

Beverly Eldridge

Friedman Relatives Assessment

A nursing assessment of a family is the basis of nursing affluence. Stanhope and Lancaster (2008) state, " By using a methodical process, family members problem areas are identified and family strengths are highlighted as the inspiration for concours and to facilitate family resiliency (p. 567). The following can discuss children who has are more typical from this day and age. The family involves father (RLA) 35 years older, mother (MCC) 32 years of age, one child (ECC) 11 years old, a single daughter (GAC) nine years of age, and second daughter (MCA) six months aged. The relatives rents a two sleeping rooms, one bath room home which has a front yard, yard and detached garage. There are four actions leading up to the leading door and four steps leading up to the backdoor. The home is within a quite downtown elderly neighborhood. There may be one neighbor next door for the right and no neighbor to the left. There is a high school graduation located across the street. There is an alley way behind the back yard fencing. The home has a attic and a get space. The house is built up off the ground. The home was constructed in 1912. The home has copper pipes and lead-based color. The friends and family had to sign a agreement to acknowledge these problems being in the house. The lease for the house is 1100/ month. Water and sewerage is linked to the city. Trash collection is definitely once per week. Daddy (RLA) and mother (MCC) met at a pal's super dish party 4 years ago.. Daddy (RLA) was single at the moment with no kids and mother (MCC) was recently divorced with two small institution aged children. Both RLA and MCC have high school diplomas and trade institution certificates. MCC has joint custody of the two university aged kids ECC and GAC. Following dating for three years RLA and MCC found out that she was pregnant. They decided to transfer together and get their personal place. RLA and MCC each resided with family prior to moving in together. The RLA and MCC located a house to rent and moved in before the most youthful daughter was born this past Come july 1st. All members of this family members have been raised In Washington dc. Both mom and dad are English and Irish. RLA family is the fourth generation in the us from Ireland. MCC family is from Britain and Ireland. Several generations have been in the usa for many years. MCC children are 1 / 4 Costa Rican and 3 fourths Caucasian. The newest daughter MCA can be English and Irish. Mother and kids attend a Baptist chapel, while daddy does not enroll in any house of worship. This family is considered a multi-adult household with kids. Listed because number four on the 8 stage model outlined simply by Duvall and Hill. (Center for Parent or guardian Education, 2013). RLA and MCC come from divorced families. The family members communicates very well. They are in a small home so the mature conversations generally occur throughout the morning and day when the children are at school. RLA works the night shift 2: 30pm to 11pm. RLA is the only person in the home working. The family has just one car. MCC stays house and takes care of the household obligations such as having ECC and GAC ready for school, laundry, cooking, cleaning and covers MCA seeing that she is child. RLA stated on January 31, 2015 he sleeps after am employed at about several am and wakes at about 11am daily to spend period with MCA, help out at home and invest some time with MCC before the children come home. ECC and GAC share the weekends using their father and stay with him from Friday's after university till Wednesday mornings, if he drops them at college. This friends and family communicates well and the youngsters are very sincere and courteous to RLA. RLA appears to be able to speak well with the kids and they also listen very well to him. RLA mom lives in the same city and so do additional close family members for equally RLA and MCC. When ever there is abuse to be handed out mostly the two parents are involved. For example RLA may...

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RLA Family Member Head of Household, personal identifying data omitted because of privacy reasons.

MCC Loved one Head of Household, personal identifying information omitted as a result of privacy factors.